Customer Saves A Quarter Million Dollars

“Quick, clear analysis helped us to make better decisions and save money.”

IT Manager, Large Retailer

Storage Management Made "Easy" | Cross Vendor Storage Reporting, Storage Reporting SoftwareA large retailer, selling a full line of auto parts has a large IT infrastructure spread across 7 main data centers.  They needed to allocate storage for a new application, and were planning on buying an additional array to fulfill the requirement. Although they relied heavily on their storage vendor for advice,  they wanted more factual insight on their current environment to ensure they were making an intelligent business decision.

The Challenge
The IT Manager, stated “One of our challenges with our large and diverse IT Infrastructure was keeping track of our storage environment. Knowing which servers were using which portions of our Tier 1/Tier 2 storage, where our free space existed, and making sure all of our SAN and NAS devices were being used properly was a very complex and manual task which was error prone as well as impossible to keep up with. Not only was this a difficult task for our storage administrators but management did not have the information to make our business decisions.”

The Solution
“We decided to use Visual Storage Intelligence® because it leveraged our existing environment without requiring any additional tools or products to install”, said Director of Architecture. Our patent-pending solution enabled them to“…get a quick snapshot showing exactly what the status of our EMC and NetApp storage arrays are, which servers are using which storage and where potential issues may be.” The customer was surprised in the insight quickly provided by Visual Storage Intelligence®. In one particular array, they found 75% of the array was orphaned. Six months before, the IT team had undergone an intense data migration project, and moved storage amongst their various arrays. This particular array had data that was no longer needed and/or valid, but the LUNs still showed as allocated. Excited about these findings, the IT manager was able to visually show how this free space could be used for the new application.  Eventually, the company did not have to buy new storage, and saved themselves $250,000.

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