Online Cross Vendor Storage Reporting Tool

As the complexity of storage environments grow, so does the complexity of visualizing and assessing storage utilization. IT departments spend hours assessing, compiling, and trying to predict current and future storage usage - often adding time and money to analyses.

Visual Storage Intelligence® (VSI) is an online, cross-vendor storage reporting tool that quickly helps you visually map out your storage arrays’ (SAN, NAS) utilization, configuration, and free space. Delivered as a software as a Service (SaaS), VSI simply provides a visual health analysis of your complex storage array(s) in minutes.

Without installing anything, VSI provides a true in-depth analysis of a storage environment. Users have taken what they thought was a properly-configured storage array and used VSI to identify current and future issues - all of which saved them time, money, and effort.

  • Rapidly Ready to Use. Delivered as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering or frequent report, VSI does not require additional training or data-gathering.
  • Rapidly Provides Insight. Our root-cause analysis summary provides a snapshot of your storage environment, enabling you to realize, reduce, and efficiently reallocate storage to meet end-user needs.
  • Rapidly Reports an Overall Picture. VSI summarizes hundreds of pages of storage array data into a small set of charts and graphs, allowing you to identify your most relevant issues.
  • Rapidly Enables Future Planning. By quickly and efficiently analyzing your storage environment, VSI helps you to stick to budget constraints and more efficiently use financial resources, allowing you more time to proactively plan future storage allocation needs.

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