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Product Guide


Download PDF: Visual Storage® Intelligence Product Guide

Online Cross-Vendor Storage Reporting Tool

Visual Storage Intelligence® enables you to correctly design an infrastructure solution for your storage environment. IT departments spend hours assessing, compiling and trying to predict current and future usage. However, complexity is the inhibitor to actionable storage utilization intelligence. As the complexity of a storage environment grows, so does the complexity of visualizing and assessing storage utilization. The opposite of complexity is simplicity.

The Visual Storage Intelligence® service provides a true in-depth analysis of a SAN/NAS environment.

Rapid Complexity Resolution

Using a patent pending technology, Visual Storage Intelligence® helps you to visually see your storage array’s (SAN/NAS) utilization and free space.

It highlights potential errors, document current SAN/NAS configuration settings and suggested changes, provides graphical SAN data representation

(layout, usage, and resource mapping), and reports your storage array’s utilization and free space.

Rapid Benefits

Rapidly ready to use. Use immediately as no training or data-gathering is required.

Rapidly provides insight. Enable IT to efficiently reallocate storage to meet the needs of the end-user

Rapidly reports overall picture. Provides the means from which a person can make accurate decisions.

Rapidly contain costs. Proactive planning of future storage allocation needs becomes easy.

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