Why VSI?

Storage Reporting on Demand

IT teams trust Visual Storage Intelligence® to rapidly get better insight into their storage environments. Our service eliminates the complexity and costs associated with storage reporting.

Storage Management Software, Storage Reporting Tool, Storage Capacity Planning

“I used to spend hundreds of hours every year manually putting together SAN storage information for each SAN/NFS device within my enterprise in order to ensure everything was properly configured as well as provide future planning information analysis. I now get this information in a single consolidated, easy to read format that allows me to spend my time making strategic storage decisions not collecting data“

                                                                                            - Storage Admin


  • Non-intrusive SAN analysis and reporting
  • Automated Storage Data Collection & Reporting
  • On-Demand SAN Configuration Analysis & Reporting
  • Identification of potential Errors or “Best Practices” Rules Violations
  • Document current SAN configuration settings and suggested changes
  • Verify LUN – Server Mapping
  • Document replication settings and current settings
  • Summarize storage group/RAID Group configuration & mapping
  • Provide graphical SAN data representation (layout, usage, and resource mapping)
  • Report storage utilization & free space as allocation within your SAN environment
  • Summarize by storage array or data center


  • Reduce and eliminate manual effort required to gather, analyze and integrate host, storage and physical settings within your SAN environment
  • Provide system & individual host/storage group management & reporting
  • Improve data availability across the enterprise
  • Avoid potential issues caused by incorrect SAN configuration or organization
  • Save time, money, and improve efficiency